Horrible Freaking Histories!


Horrible Histories 2x05 | suggested by bofurbrummells

Ready Steady Feast | 2x06 | Gorgeous Georgians

Ready Steady Feast | 2x06 | Gorgeous Georgians

Dodgy War Inventions | 1x06 | Rotten Romans

The Roman catapult called an onager. The onager was a nifty catapult made of wood which used leather ropes wound up like a rubber band to lob rocks and flaming missiles long distances. Brilliant. But there was one small problem. Leather goes all floppy when it’s wet, so the ropes didn’t work in the rain.

Words We Get From… | 2x12 | Smashing Saxons

Words We Get From… | 2x07 | Smashing Saxons


Harriet Tubman|Horrible Histories Series 2, Episode 5

“So, you boys got my message?”
“Shhh! We’re waiting for Agent Moses.”
“Agent Moses is here.”
“Oh, brilliant. Where?”
“Here. I’m Agent Moses.”
“You’re Agent Moses?”
“You look like my momma.”
“Well, we just expected you to be a dashing young man.”
“Yep, that’s what they all expect. Especially the slave owners trying to catch me.”